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Reframing depression and rebuilding from the ground up.

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No one tells you about the triggers and remnants of resentment that linger long after depression fades.

The little frustrations that leave you hanging somewhere between stability and fragility with your eyes fixed forward because it takes every bit of your focus to maintain that delicate balance.

After two years of watching depression do a number on me, my husband has learned to read my moods. Typically he sees the signs I’m slipping into depressive territory before I’m able to identify it myself. He thinks it’s his superpower. …

365 Days of Sex Facts: January 15, 2021

Fact: The “G” in G-Spot comes from the doctor who discovered it in the 1940s, Dr. Ernest Gräfenberg.

Also a fact: Good ol’ Ernest is proof that men can, in fact, find the G-Spot after all…

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Today’s share is from Henri Marcus!
Henri and his wife have been together for 30+ years and lockdown coupled with their mutual curiosity kicked their intimacy up a notch! It’s so fun to hear their enthusiasm for trying new things in the bedroom. …

You’re not kink-shaming when you say “no, thanks” to a kink you’re not into.

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I recently wrote a story about a date who casually asked me to call him daddy and be his little girl. Essentially, he started engaging in non-consensual daddy dom misogyny, and I didn’t consent.

Even though I’m a somewhat kinky mommy, I’m not interested in calling a sex partner daddy or being anyone’s little girl.

It’s just not something I want to explore.

While writing that story, I was very aware of the delicate balance between communicating an experience that helped me identify a personal sexual boundary and kink-shaming my date for his sexual proclivities.

I still found myself on the receiving end of messages calling my opinions subversive and me a kink-shamer. Commenters even suggested my story would make men think they are perverted or predatory and should be embarrassed by their sexual desires. …

Tips to transform doggy into a more comfortable and crave-worthy position.

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Nearly everyone loves doggy style, at least that’s the feedback I got last time I wrote about my favorite position. Those who said it didn’t work for them shared their struggle came down to not being able to find a comfortable way to enjoy it.

I get it — it’s definitely not the most comfortable sex position.

Sometimes your knees get a little sore, or your arms get a bit tired. Other times the positioning isn’t quite right, and your bodies aren’t lining up correctly. …

Usually, I’m a try anything once kind of gal.

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Image by Sammy-Williams from Pixabay

“I like it when a girl calls me daddy.”

His words made me pause right in the middle of the hotel lobby we had just entered. Had I heard him correctly? I scanned his face and noted his serious expression, and quickly asked, “wait, what?”

I was pretty sure the look on my face was already giving away my coming objection to his poorly timed request, but he persisted, “Would you do that for me? Can I be your daddy tonight, little girl?”

Well, this was alarming.

Somehow, this potential partner who had my juices flowing only moments before managed to dry up every ounce of my desire in a matter of seconds. Alarm bells were ringing in my ears, and there was no way I wanted to go back to his room now. …


Bradlee Bryant

Mom. Wife. Sex Explorer.

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