Writing on Medium Lifted Me and My Family Out of Poverty

I’m proof that anyone can find success here.

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When I started writing full-time on Medium, I was in the depths of a major depressive episode. My husband and I were facing foreclosure on the only home our children have ever known, and our employment options were severely limited due to COVID and virtual school.

I was desperate.

I craved human connection and needed to work my brain after being unemployed for months. Medium allowed me to work, create, and earn a living. It also helped me reconnect to a community, gave me purpose, and brought my soul back to life.

In my first full month of writing on Medium, I made $2,262.60.

Those earnings paid my mortgage and my monthly Canva subscription with just enough left over to buy myself a celebratory sandwich.

The secret to making a living on Medium?

Don’t listen to anyone that tells you it’s not possible. Tune them out and make it your mission to surround yourself with the people who believe anything is possible.

I spent my first month reading, commenting, and writing my ass off.

Ignore the naysayers and don’t give your attention to anything or anyone that distracts you from your goals. Immerse yourself with everything Medium and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Anyone can find success, but it’s certainly not easy.

Find your people and start sharing some raw and honest truth. Tell your crazy stories, share your fears — let it all out. I promise you, there’s someone else out there who desperately needs to hear it.

I’m proof that anyone can make an impact writing on Medium.

Fueled by gratitude

I’m so damn grateful for the platform Medium has given me and the encouragement of other writers and editors — not to mention all of the incredible people who take the time to read the words that I agonize over.

I’m even grateful for the other writers who told me it wasn’t possible to make a living here. Don’t believe the people who claim the system is rigged, and don’t waste your time battling with them either.

There are thousands of other writers who are willing to support you — no strings attached. The love and encouragement I’ve received on this platform helped me claw my way out of poverty in more ways than one.

They made me feel like I belong and gave me a million reasons to keep coming back day after day. It’s not an exaggeration to say I have no idea what would have happened to my family and me if it wasn’t for Medium and the exceptional people in this community.

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I want to encourage you to GO FOR IT

I don’t have an MFA in Creative Writing or any other degree that gives me the authority to teach you about writing. I earned my degree in Sociology and studied for my Master’s in Counseling.

I just had to google what words to capitalize in that last paragraph, which successfully proves two points: 1. anyone can make money telling stories and helping others on Medium, and 2. I’m not an authority on writing.

I’m no expert, but I’ve been through some shit and hope that sharing my own experiences will help lighten someone else’s load — even just a little bit.

I believe anyone can find what they are looking for here on Medium, and not just financially. If you’re fortunate, you’ll find your people, too. They’ll help you get out of your own way and urge you to share your stories. They will encourage you to go for it.

There’s not one single way to find success on Medium

If someone tells you there is — don’t trust them.

There are some universally agreed upon habits practiced by the vast majority of successful writers here on Medium. They show up and write consistently, engage with the community, and provide value.

If you want to have success here, that’s a great place to start.

We all have a limited amount of time to spend writing. I’m a busy mom with kids doing virtual school and driving me bonkers the majority of the day. I’ve had to decide how to best spend my time here on Medium. Here’s a glimpse of what I do and don’t spend my time on:

I DO spend my time and energy on:

  • Writing every day
  • Reading, supporting, and helping others on Medium
  • Responding to comments as often as possible
  • Choosing or creating great images (Canva is your friend)
  • Proper grammar and readability (Grammarly)
  • Growing and improving

I DON’T spend my time and energy on:

  • Medium Facebook groups or read/clap groups of any kind
  • Paid Medium courses
  • SEO (at least for now)
  • Submitting to Medium pubs
  • Following the rules

Anyone can find success on Medium, but not everyone will.

You have to commit to your goals, and you can’t give up when things get tough. Give yourself a fighting chance by sticking to a consistent publishing schedule and working to improve your writing and grow your support system.

When things get tough, know that I’m in your corner, and I want to hear your stories.

If you need help along the way, find me on Twitter or send me an e-mail at pillowtalkbradlee@gmail.com❤️

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