Nearly everyone I know voted for Trump, so what does that say about me?
Does my association with them make me a sympathizer? Do I need to purge my circle and reevaluate my life choices?

The truth is, I had no idea I was surrounded by Trump supporters. My father in law, a few uncles, and several other relatives have always been outspoken about their conservative political beliefs, but the rest of them — I really didn’t know.

It wasn’t until last fall that I learned my yoga instructor, chiropractor, doctor, the majority of my close friends, and most of my family were voting for Trump. I still can’t quite square it. I live in an extremely liberal area — how the hell did I inadvertently surround myself with Trump supporters?

In my mind, there’s an ocean between them and the radicalized mob who stormed the White House. These people helped me raise money and create opportunities for students of color and sat by my side at equity council meetings. They wouldn’t be caught dead in a MAGA hat.

While I almost always agree with Joe Duncan, I’m in hopeful disagreement this time. Trump supporters, at least the ones I recently learned existed in my life, are capable of change and eventually — unity.

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