Last week, my teenage son told me that “getting kicked or punched in the balls hurt 10x more than giving birth.”

I could have nut-punched the little bastard right there on the spot. If I hadn’t been driving down the highway when he made his little proclamation, I probably would have.

This morning while browsing around on Medium, I learned my son isn’t the only male human with extra sensitive testicles and the audacity to make such a claim.

If any other man is bold enough to defend such blasphemy know this…my son weighed nearly 10 pounds at birth and the anesthesiologist was too late for an epidural. Thanks to his (clearly ungrateful) ass, I’ll never be able to jump on a trampoline again.

I don’t know the author of this lovely (ridiculous) story linked above, but I do know that both he and my son are full of shit.

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