James — surprisingly that story is about a child who isn’t on this team.

I told my husband after this happened that I just can’t believe some of the things happening with these pre-teen kids. As a mom and sex-positive writer, it’s been a huge challenge to square some of the behaviors I’ve directly experienced and witnessed — especially when I compare it to myself as a pre-teen and young teen.

I’m really glad my son talks to me about these things because otherwise, I would as oblivious as these other parents. Kids are curious and they have questions — if parents can’t or won’t answer them, they will turn to the internet. Porn is a click away and while I support responsible porn-viewing for adults, it’s not an appropriate substitute for sex ed.

Entitled kids + no supervision + access to porn = not a winning combination

It was a blessing in disguise that you didn’t stay at the team hotels. Then again, I don’t think this is normal behavior on every team…but peer-on-peer sexual abuse is on the rise — so it’s clearly still a problem.

Mom | Wife | Sex Explorer

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