I don't know how I missed this last week - but I did!

I could have highlighted the whole damn thing. I now want to be friends with your wife, you too of course, but definitely your wife. She sounds exactly like me before I went through a sexual awakening - which is the most annoying term ever, but the best way to describe it.

It was really just my husband being a badass partner, just like you're being now, and encouraging me to masturbate, watching porn together, talking about our fantasies, and setting things in motion for new sexual experiences.

We didn't necessarily have it all mapped out, but we really followed this outline almost exactly.

Oh, and we have a whole stack of sex games in our toybox that we play about once a month to keep things interesting. One is called a Sex Stack and I think we got it on Amazon.

Love this and that you and your wife have set out on this adventure together! So proud of you both...❤️

Mom | Wife | Sex Explorer

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