Hi Reverie -

Thanks for reading and for sharing your thoughts.

I didn’t intend to speak for all women, as I pointed out, “I can’t speak for all women, but knowing our biologically hard-wired preferences makes me confident I’m not alone when I’m turning down morning advances. That’s not to say some women don’t love morning sex, because I’ve met a few…and they’re all braver women than me.”

I assumed by opening the article with a joke about jamming a penis in me, my usage of terms like Bone Town, and the abundance of self-deprecating humor communicated my not-so-serious tone about this particular subject…but I’m sorry if it didn’t.

As far as being mean-spirited clickbait, that was not my intention. Provocative, sure — but it’s also been proven accurate by the cited research concluding the majority of women (62%) aren’t interested in having morning sex and the biological boner explanations offered.

Thanks again for the read and your thoughtful feedback — it’s always appreciated.

Mom | Wife | Sex Explorer

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