Happy Winter Solstice, my friends

This year has been particularly difficult for many of us, but in my heart, I feel things shifting. Do you feel it, too?

The past week has brought synchronicities into my life that are just too significant to be brushed off as coincidence. Yesterday, I learned that today also ushers in a celestial event dubbed The Great Conjunction, a rare planetary synchronization that last happened on March 4th, 1226.

Simply put, some crazy universal alignment is happening, and the timing couldn’t be better.

If 2020 was the collective breakdown it appeared to be, then 2021 will become our breakthrough.

It’s time to start some new storylines, ones that channel the birth of light, love, honesty, and compassion. Stories that usher in a new era — stories like this one from Emily Jennings

Mom | Wife | Sex Explorer

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