Bradlee Bryant

Reflecting on what worked in the past can invite more pleasure into your future.

I rank the sexual encounters I have with my husband, but probably not in the way you would expect.

There’s nothing scientific about it.

If sex was particularly good, or at least better than other encounters in recent memory, I’ll exclaim something like “top five” or “definitely in the top…

Strategies to eliminate insecurities and keep your head in the game

One of the most talked-about topics with couples new to the swinging lifestyle is performance anxiety.

At lifestyle events, the male partner almost always sheepishly asks the more experienced swingers in attendance if the rumors about performance anxiety in the lifestyle are true.

The answer is, yes.

Performance anxiety is…

Swinging transformed my marriage into the kind of partnership most couples only dream about.

There are many misconceptions floating around about swingers and couples that choose to open up their relationship.

Swinging lifestylers are often labeled, judged, and shamed for their choice to participate in non-monogamy.

As an active member of the swinging lifestyle, I’ve learned to let the jokes and half-truths slide. I…

Like my wedding night, when my husband went for the wrong hole.

Sex can be hot, romantic, and just plain breathtaking.

It can also be awkward, weird, and downright hilarious.

It’s a little like childbirth. One moment you’re unknowingly pushing out poop in front of a horde of doctors and nurses, and seconds later, you’re birthing a miracle into the world. …

The corporate Rolodex recently left behind nearly 3,000,000 women and LinkedIn makes that fact painfully obvious.

Many moms, myself included, were forced out of the workforce when Covid hit in early 2020. We have kids that are too young to fend for themselves and jobs that were either unwilling or unable to accommodate working from home.

With the hope that most schools across the country will…

Bradlee Bryant

Mom | Wife | Sex Explorer

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