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Bradlee Bryant

A little bit about me and my most viewed Medium Stories (Updated Weekly)

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Here are my most popular stories on Medium (as of 3/1/21)

Here’s a little bit about me:
I write like I live, unashamed of my humanness. I’m quirky, flawed, and after nearly 35 years on this earth, I still make plenty of mistakes. I love womanhood, motherhood, sex, relationships, and exploring societal taboos.

I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and studied my Master’s of Science…

It turns out testicles can be pretty erotic.

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I used to think my husband’s balls were just a strange, slightly damp, dangling sack of gross to be avoided at all costs. I merely tolerated them to get what I wanted from their smooth, thick, and hard sidekick.

If that makes me sound like a single-minded horn-ball, well…the shoe fits.

Recently though, I’ve noticed my husband’s masturbation method always incorporates a little ball touching. While watching him palm and touch himself, I saw the apparent pleasure that’s possible with testicle play.

Seeing his appreciation for his big ‘ole family jewels made me question my history of ball neglect —…

A hefty cum shot proves nothing and we’re not impressed.

Photo courtesy of Deon Black on LetsTalkSex

Have you noticed that some men are obsessed with the amount of their ejaculate? They’re all about perfecting porn-worthy money shots and blowing their loads straight across the room.

For them, a hefty cum shot proves their sexual prowess and masculinity.

In their quest to showcase their ejaculatory supremacy, they fail to realize that even pornstars don’t cum like pornstars. Most often, they’re using fake bottled semen and a pump system.

It’s an unattainable fantasy, guys.

When my husband and I were active in the swinging lifestyle (pre-pandemic), some men took supplements to enhance the size of their load. One…

I tried, I failed, and I’m over it.

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I’ve given anal a try at least two dozen times and I’ve resented my mind and body more and more after each attempt. As a sexually liberated kinky-ish rule-breaker, I really wanted to enjoy it or at least find it intriguing — but I just couldn’t get there.

Instead of finding anal sex pleasurable, I end up berating myself for my insecurities and cursing my body for being unable to relax and discover the satisfaction others seem to easily enjoy.

I love the idea of anal.

It’s a naughty little treasure trove, and as a sex-explorer, I want to experience…

Learning to light his fire made us both burn hotter

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I’m slightly ashamed to admit this, but I can count the number of times I initiated sex during the first decade of my marriage on a single hand.

Despite being a confident, determined, and assertive woman, I was still under the bullshit impression that men were the initiators when it came to sex. My role never really began until after things had already gotten started. It was then my turn to switch things up, take the lead, change positions, and set the pace.

That was our sexual script until my husband randomly asked me after a decade of marriage why…

I’m proof that anyone can find success here.

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When I started writing full-time on Medium, I was in the depths of a major depressive episode. My husband and I were facing foreclosure on the only home our children have ever known, and our employment options were severely limited due to COVID and virtual school.

I was desperate.

I craved human connection and needed to work my brain after being unemployed for months. Medium allowed me to work, create, and earn a living. It also helped me reconnect to a community, gave me purpose, and brought my soul back to life.

In my first full month of writing on…

Hint: masturbation isn’t your only option

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

There’s no denying we learn a lot about sex and sexuality through partnered discovery. That was where the majority of my sexual knowledge and exploration happened. Still, I often wish I had more solo experiences early on in my sexual journey. It would have helped me build my sexual confidence and learn about my likes and dislikes at an earlier age.

Partnered pleasure, while fun and educational, doesn’t hold a candle to what you can learn, spending time exploring your own body.

Solo play doesn’t burden you with the pressure to perform, time restrictions, or concerns over your partner’s likes…

Here’s what you need to know about your vibrating bestie.

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In terms of sexual discovery and experience, I’m what would be considered a late-bloomer. I didn’t learn to properly masturbate until I was well into my late 20’s and I didn’t own a vibrator for several years after that.

Don’t worry though, I’ve spent the last several years getting acquainted with my vibrating toys and enjoying myself while making up for the lost time.

Now, I can safely say — I love my vibrator. There’s little pleasure in life that’s easier than the effortless way it stimulates and satisfies my most sensitive parts. …

Encouraging tips to help you experience more pleasure

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Lockdown has been a sexual buzzkill for many of us, including my husband and me. Gone are the afternoon romps while our kids were at school or the magical nights away to focus on just the two of us.

Whether it’s because you lived alone or your partner drove you to the point of insanity, many couples have seen their sexual confidence go nearly dormant during the lockdowns this past year.

Getting back on the horse, per se, might feel a little intimidating — or downright overwhelming.

But, here’s the thing — you’re never going to feel confident 100% of…

Types to try and tips for use from a lube aficionado

Photo by murat esibatir from Pexels

I love the feeling of skin sliding on skin. While my natural lubrication glides perfectly fine for penis-in-vagina intercourse, a little extra lube gets me, and my partner oiled up in different areas and in different ways.

Some women think using lube is a male-driven shortcut that robs us vagina-havers of pleasure and our natural ability to prepare our bodies for sex.

I totally disagree.

As a card-carrying vulva-owner who is easily excitable, I still prefer using a little extra lubrication and always have it at the ready in my nightstand — not his.

Using it isn’t a feminist issue…

Bradlee Bryant

Mom | Wife | Sex Explorer

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