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Here are my most popular stories on Medium (as of 2/23/21)

  1. Will I Ever Wear a Bra Again? Not Likely
  2. When It Comes To Sex, I Like It Slow, Hard, and Deep
  3. How Doggy Style Has Doubled My Orgasms
  4. My Friend’s 11-Year Old Sent Me A Graphic Video of Himself

Here’s a little bit about me:
I write like I live, unashamed of my humanness. I’m quirky, flawed, and after nearly 35 years on this earth, I still make plenty of mistakes. I love womanhood, motherhood, sex, relationships, and exploring societal taboos.

I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and studied for my Master’s of…

Types to try and tips for use from a lube aficionado

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I love the feeling of skin sliding on skin. While my natural lubrication glides perfectly fine for penis-in-vagina intercourse, a little extra lube gets me, and my partner oiled up in different areas and in different ways.

Some women think using lube is a male-driven shortcut that robs us vagina-havers of pleasure and our natural ability to prepare our bodies for sex.

I totally disagree.

As a card-carrying vulva-owner who is easily excitable, I still prefer using a little extra lubrication and always have it at the ready in my nightstand — not his.

Using it isn’t a feminist issue…

Complicated grief is anything but graceful.

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You know those people who journey through grief with grace and thoughtfulness?

Yeah, that wasn’t me.

When my best friend died early last year, my grief was everything but graceful.

I was angry. Really fucking angry. I felt like the world owed me an explanation — or at least some sympathy. I couldn’t bring myself to be happy for anyone or anything around me.

To make matters worse, less than four weeks after she died, Henry, her widowed husband, started dating.

She had warned me about this

She knew Henry wouldn’t do well alone and would struggle to find his footing as a single dad of…

I’ll never know if I did the right thing or not.

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Photo by Samantha Garrote from Pexels

My best friend, Natalie, spent nearly a decade hopelessly in love with a boy named Billy who broke her heart in high school.

According to her, they were soulmates. According to him, they had barely even dated, and she was terrible in bed — or, on the couch, because they had never even made it into a bedroom.

Billy was bad news, and everyone who loved Natalie hated him. Thankfully, after high school, they both went their separate ways. Billy spent the next decade in and out of rehab for a drug problem and living in his parent’s basement. …

He thought it was inadequate, ugly, and unlovable.

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Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

My husband is insecure about his flaccid penis.

When I mentioned it recently, several readers reached out to share similar soft dick insecurities. They explained their concerns about the size, shape, and overall appearance of their flaccid penis and how it made them feel both uncomfortable and ashamed.

These aren’t necessarily men who struggle with erectile dysfunction, but they still feel a sense of shame that their penis isn’t at the ready 24/7.

I always assumed my husband was just being silly when he casually criticized his limp dick over the years. …

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Thank you for reading and following along as we learned a little bit about sex each day so far in 2021!

It’s been so much fun putting together these daily posts and compiling the weekly round-up. In an effort to maintain the quality of my writing here on Medium and elsewhere, I’ve decided to move the QUICKIES daily sex facts to Twitter.

So starting tomorrow, follow along on Twitter as we all continue to get a little smarter about sex.

It still wasn’t enough to prevent his peers from suffering.

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Photo by Nathaniel Chang on Unsplash

I’ve caught a lot of flack from my very conservative parents over the years for the way I openly talk about human development and sexuality with my kids.

When I was growing up in the ’90s, they wouldn’t even mention sex around me. When my period arrived, I was totally shocked and unprepared. That experience alone made me want to establish a more educational and child-focused approach with my own kids.

When our kids were younger, my husband and I worked hard to establish an environment that made our children comfortable asking us tough questions. …

Bradlee Bryant

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